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Every project is different, but we begin each one the same way; by asking questions and gathering data. We start with sense-making and looking to the needs and aspirations of a place or a people. By using ethnographic tools and strategies, we challenge our assumptions and develop a set of necessary offerings. This leads to the composition of principles that must be satisfied for a uniquely and powerfully successful project.

With these in mind, we also developed a set of core principles that every project must satisfy. Every interview, facilitation, conversation, and presentation seeks to deepen the solutions and to further refine our set of principles.

Our Solutions Must be:



One of the most significant barriers to change is the result of poor communication. Information is often the property of entities, and this monopoly has only fed the fissures between people and a higher quality of life.


Specificity is one way to ensure mass appeal. Solutions that feel too generic in presentation and offering are challenging to share or build support in.  By using a participatory approach to design, we co-build a tailored product or service. 


Design that does not change a person's experience or life for the better is simply not worth its weight. We do this to change the world for the better. To do so, we must help people help themselves and each other. We focus on Scarcity, Speed, and Scale to ensure we understand each design offering's implications.


Design that teaches is design at its most potent. Building economies and livelihoods rests on the shoulders of knowledge bases and skill. Changes in activity and choices are defined by our ability to access information and the courage to adapt. Education is one way to help people adapt in response to data. With each design offering, we are positioned to offer tools for the dissemination of information.


Solutions are only made more resilient when they can form business opportunities. Our solutions' viability under a lens focused on partnership, investment, and returns are at the forefront of our process. We work to ensure this is not an afterthought.


How solutions fit into or disrupt the fabric of existing ecosystems is of utmost interest to us. How these solutions may build new ecosystems or respond to chaos is a constant focus of our team. 

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