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The Next City is a forward-thinking sketch of Charlotte in the year 2040. An entire building façade covered with transparent solar panels captures light to provide energy to power the building and the city around it. Shaped and oriented explicitly for the maximization of energy capture, the building sits above a water capture system to quench the thirst of citizens and vegetation alike. Buildings like this would be most effective if positioned as multi-use facilities where city dwellers become patrons, residents, business operators, and stewards. While such a building system can take on many forms, The Next City makes space for transportation connectivity hubs with underground networks like the hyperloop system.

With architectural form following the lead of functional requirements, the building works to satisfy physical needs within the framework of the four factors (Transportation, Housing, Work and Food) at once. The Next City also addresses all 17 Sustainable Development goals identified by the United Nations. The City of Charlotte could be the first city to address all 17 SDGs by integrating these kinds of destinations built within its borders.

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The Next City


CURATORS collaborates with forward-thinking entities to build pilot experiences that improve, inform and inspire change in growing cities around the world.


We are a small team of multidisciplinary designers from across the globe, tied by American education and professional work. In 2020, shortly before the pandemic, we sought to explore and question ways to address these concerns of growing cities through research, project and practice. Beginning with the City of Charlotte, what emerged from this process are interventions posed to change the way people in cities find shelter, access clean water, good food, travel, and work.

Leaning on emerging technological innovation, farming blocks provide clean food and potable water within a shaded environment that’s core purpose is to support interior controlled farming; powered by Ubiquitous Energy. A center which supports new-age controlled farming for the production of food. Using revolutionary techniques for energy consumption and utilization, this intervention also serves to educate the public on food consumption, growth and ways to connect with one another around a physiological need. The Introduction of Farmblocks closes the gap between citizens and organic food, captures and treats rainwater, supports sustainable access to affordable clean food, increases the tree canopy and encourages community gathering and participation. There is also opportunity to build interest in entrepreneurial farming and innovation within the city.

Though a smaller intervention than the Next City, Pilot 01 works to satisfy physical needs within the realm of two city-based factors (Work and Food). By expanding the tree canopy, offering food and the capture of water for consumption and irrigation, this pilot begins to address the 17 Sustainable Development goals identified by the United Nations.

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Pilot 01: Farmblock

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