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Committed to
Necessary Design

Designing the necessary or Necessary Design is an approach to design that seeks to tailor Participatory Design to the needs of as many stakeholders as possible. We pair the process of facilitation with pilot prototyping to get as many eyes on a project proposal as possible. With each conversation or presentation, our pilot offerings shift bringing the solutions closer to the needs of our stakeholders.


Participatory Design is a collaborative process. We are always open to the possibility of collaboration and would love to discuss participation.

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Small, thoughtful interventions often lead to bigger mechanisms of change—when we’ve calculated correctly, these things prove transformative.

A Future

We Are a Multi-Disciplinary
Design Collective Committed to Building Sustainable Solutions

Our Design

Any project we take on begins with three questions for our stakeholders: Where are you? What has been done? Who do you wish to be? We must have an understanding of condition, aspiration and experience in order to design the necessary.

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Disruptive Design Collective

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